How Long Are Roller Skate Laces? Size Table!

How Long Are Roller Skate Laces? Size Table!

Are you wondering how to choose the perfect-sized laces for your roller skates? If that is something that has been bothering you and brought you to this guide, you are at the right place. Today, in this short article, I’ll answer and provide you with correct information about how long are roller skate laces.

I’ll tell you which size laces I use for my roller skates so that you can be sure about the selection. Keep reading to get your answer on roller skate laces in no time!

So, how long should The roller skate laces be?

When you’re selecting roller skate laces, the perfect length is important for both comfort and safety.

Generally, you want laces that are long enough to thread through all the eyelets and hooks of your skates and tie securely without any excess.

A good rule I recommend is to measure the number of eyelets on your skates and then choose laces that are roughly 72 to 108 inches long. For instance, if your skates have eight pairs of eyelets, laces that are around 96 inches should work well.

I also use a very easy way of determining the right length of my roller skate laces. It involves removing my old laces currently available in the roller skates that I am wearing and measuring their length with the skate laces I am considering buying.

This way, one can make an easy decision on choosing the best laces for roller skates in no time!

laces of roller skates

You don’t want laces that are so short they can’t tie or so long they drag on the ground.

Precision in length will ensure a snug fit that keeps your feet stable, providing you with the support you need while you glide and dance on wheels.

However, one should know that roller skate laces are made in a variety of sizes or lengths.

In that case, the type or size of length for roller skates you’d choose will totally depend on the roller skate boot style, the size of that boot and your own personal liking.

The Perfect Roller Skate Lace Size Chart:

One should remember that the most popular length for lace-up roller skates is 98 inches.

However, there is more to it! Most Impala skates offer 10mm and 6mm length lace pairs at their store. This means they have specific laces designed for their roller skates.

Below, I am adding a comprehensive size chart for roller skate laces and a figure skate lace length chart. With this information, one can easily choose the perfect laces for himself based on the roller skate they have.

Number Of Eyelets/Pairs
On Roller Skates
Type of Roller SkatesRoller Skate Lace Length
2 to 4Speed skates
Low-cut derby skates
Low-cut skates
27 to 30 inches
4 to 6Speed skates
Low-cut derby skates
Low-cut skates
30 to 50 Inches
6 to 8Speed skates
Low-cut derby skates
Low-cut skates
50 to 60 Inches
8 to 10High Top
Boot skate
Heeled skate
60 to 99 inches
10 to 12Bauer or roller hockey skate96 to 120 inches
12+Depends on your choice160 inches +
Size Chart To Get the Best Roller Skate Laces Length

What Factors Determine The Right Size Of Your Roller Skate Laces?

One should know that there are certain factors that determine the right size of roller skate laces for any skate, like Impala, Moxi, Hockey skate laces, derby laces, and even more. Here are those factors explained.

Eyelet Count

Evaluate how many pairs of eyelets or hooks your skates have; this will dictate the minimum length of lace needed.

Foot Size and Shape:

Foot sizes that often require larger roller skate boots have larger laces. On the other hand, the shorter size foot with shorter boots requires short length laces.

Skate Size

Larger skate sizes will require longer laces to accomplish the same fit as smaller sizes.

Lace Thickness

Thicker laces can take up more room in the eyelets, potentially requiring longer laces for a secure tie.

Personal Preference

Consider how tight you prefer your skates; tighter lacing will use more lace length than loose lacing.

Skating Style

Aggressive skating might necessitate more support and, thus, shorter laces for a tighter fit, while casual skating may allow for longer, looser laces.

Material of The Laces:

Another factor to consider is the material of the laces. Certain materials, such as cotton or nylon, may stretch over time, causing them to become looser and potentially affecting the fit of your skates.

If you choose a lace material that has some stretch, it may be wise to select laces on the shorter end of the recommended length range.

Why Does It Matter To Choose The Right Roller Skate Lace Length?

Choosing the right roller skate lace length is crucial for several reasons. For example, here are some most prominent ones discussed.


Properly fitting laces help ensure your skates are secure on your feet, preventing trips and falls caused by laces that are too long and drag on the ground or too short and come undone.

roller skate laces length selection


Laces that are the correct length provide a snug fit without being overly tight, which can lead to discomfort or impede circulation.


For those who skate aggressively or perform tricks, having laces of the right length can enhance support and control during complex maneuvers.


Choosing the right length also ensures that the laces do not suffer from excessive wear and tear from dragging or from being tied too tightly, which can cause them to break prematurely.


Beyond functionality, the right lace length contributes to the overall look of the skates, with neither excessive lace nor too little to bow properly, creating a neat and tidy appearance.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are Hockey Skate Laces and Roller Skate Laces the Same Length?

No, hockey skate laces and roller skate laces are not always the same length. Hockey skates tend to have a different number of eyelets and can require shorter or longer laces depending on the model and size. It’s important to measure the eyelets specifically for the type of skate you have.

What’s The Best Lace Length For Derby Laces?

The best lace length for derby laces typically ranges from 72 to 108 inches. Derby skating often involves tight turns and quick maneuvers, so securing a snug fit with the appropriate lace length is vital. Again, measuring the eyelets and considering personal preference for tightness will help determine the correct length.

How do you measure skate laces?

To measure skate laces, follow these steps:

  1. Unlace your skates completely.
  2. Use a measuring tape to find the length of the laces from tip to tip.
  3. If you’re looking to buy new laces and want to get a similar fit, measure the laces that are currently on your skates if they are the correct length.
  4. When buying new laces, consider any stretching that may occur and adjust the length accordingly.

What’s The Rainbow Skate Laces Length?

Rainbow skate laces can vary in length, just like laces of any other color. They are more so defined by their multicolored style rather than a standard length. You should choose the length of rainbow laces based on the criteria of your specific skates, as mentioned previously.

What Length Laces For Impala Roller Skates?

For Impala Roller Skates, laces generally range from 72 to 96 inches. To find the perfect length for your specific pair of Impala skates, measure the number of eyelet pairs and follow the guidelines provided, keeping in mind the fit you want to achieve and the style of skating you prefer.

Final Thoughts:

In summary, selecting the right roller skate lace length is critical for safety, comfort, and performance. The key to finding that perfect pair is to consider the number of eyelets, your skate size, lace material, and thickness, as well as your personal preferences and skating style. Remember, the right lace length is not just about aesthetics; it’s a crucial component of your skating experience. However, don’t forget to tell me what size laces you use for your roller skates and any tips you’ve discovered in your quest for the ideal fit. Your insights could be immensely helpful to the skating community.

Also, don’t forget to Check out our other guides for more tips, tricks, and in-depth information to keep you rolling smoothly and stylishly.


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