About SkatesQuery.com

Hi, I am Harry Moore, a skate lover since age 10, and this is my blog. Skates Query is a platform where you can find comprehensive and detailed information related to skating equipment, skate reviews, and queries pertaining to skates. Whether you are looking for a trick to learn in skateboarding, are considering buying a new pair of skates, or have a daily problem related to your favorite inline, ice, or roller skate, Skates Query has everything for you. Skates Query is your one-stop destination where I provide advice on skates and skateboarding, compare products, and share various experiences related to the skating world. You’ll find yourself delving into vast skating knowledge, and I will be there to help you choose your favorite skating equipment! 

What Is The Idea Behind Creating SkatesQuery.com?

I have a lot of experience skating as I have been doing it for the past 12 years now. One day, I was sitting with a friend in my skate arena, and he asked me a question about skating. The answer from my side surprised him, and he asked me, “Why don’t you start a blog then and help other skating lovers in the world?” I laughed at first, but later on, this gave me the idea to build a website named Skates Query. The complete idea behind developing and running this blog is to solve several queries related to skating. I also have in-depth knowledge of picking out the best skateboards and shoes, so I’ll be helping my readers with enough information on picking the right skateboarding gear. Skates Query is more than a website for skating lovers. It’s a virtual home!

What Are The Long-Term Goals of SkatesQuery.com?

Like any other website on the internet, Skates Query is here to help people who need it in skating. This website’s long-term goals are aligned with solving as many queries related to skates as those skating enthusiasts could ask. I want to make Skates Query a complete skating hub where people can discuss their problems related to daily skating, where champions can tell their stories, and where I can help them get the best skating equipment. No matter if they are worried about picking the perfect Ice Skating equipment or Roller skating, Skates Query’s mission is to provide trusted and reliable information that no other competitor may provide. That’s because such information comes from experience and personal life examples of real skaters. In the long run, Skates Query would help its readers make an informed decision about any skateboarding product with comprehensive information and guidelines!

How Do We Plan, Write, and Publish Content At SkatesQuery.com?

I am not alone in running this blog, as I have a team to assist me as well. We find queries from the web related to Skating on which people are constantly looking for reliable and trusty information. Every single question or statement is discussed comprehensively, and we find the best suitable answer for that. Afterwards, I compose those ideas into words. Then, at the same time, editors check that content to find if there are any mistakes or not. The same content goes through comprehensive checking to ensure all the grammar mistakes are fixed, and facts are checked. We often reach out to industry experts to validate the technical aspects of our content. Then, we publish that content on Skates Query from where our readers can easily find it on Search Engine and read it! That fulfills the purpose of ensuring quality and trustworthiness from the SkatesQuery Team!

How Do SkatesQuery.com Adhere To Google’s EEAT Policies and Make Itself a Reliable Source of Information for Skaters?

To fulfill Google’s EEAT(Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness), all the content is written by a person who has been skating for the past 12 years. Harry Moore has all the expertise and knowledge in Skating, skating equipment, and skateboarding that makes him a reliable person to trust. This blog, run by Harry Moore, helps the reader find unique and well-composed information that adheres to the Google Content Policy Guidelines. We establish authority at SkatesQuery by giving our easy-to-contact information. Anyone can reach out to Harry Moore through the email provided on this website’s Contact Us page. Besides, our readers and Google can trust SkatesQuery because we are sharing personal experiences and everything that happens in the actual skating world. Besides, the content goes through a high-end checking process before it gets published. Hence, we leave zero factors of insularity that our blog posts aren’t helping our readers by any means!

Become a Part of SkatesQuery.com Mission and Bring an Impact: 

At Skates Query, we invite our fellow skateboarding champs to contribute to our impact. You can send us suggestions, content tips, your personal queries, or anything else. You can make videos on how SkatesQuery is helping in providing reliable information. Besides, if any skating guy wants to be an author on this website, please email us with your personal experience in skateboarding and let us help you become a verified author at Skates Query. Together, we can help our fellow skateboarding people find the perfect answers to their queries. 

About The Author At SkatesQuery.com

Harry Moore is a passionate skater whose love for the sport ignited at the tender age of 10 when he first laced up a pair of skates. Over the years, Harry has skidded, jumped, and twirled across countless rinks and streets, experiencing the freedom and thrill that only skating can offer. He dedicates this platform, Skates Query, to sharing his extensive knowledge and motivating others with tips, tricks, and tales from the vibrant world of skating. Harry’s journey is a testament to where dedication and the love of skating can take you. And yeah, that’s all about me!

Visit our Contact Us page or send a query to hello@skatesquery.com. We’d love to hear from you!